Tuesday, March 31, 2009

College Applications

Kevin has been accepted to Florida Institute of Technology and Chelsea has been accepted to Ivy Tech Community College. Neither of them have landed on a specific major.

Kevin is still debating between Civil Engineering and Computer Sciences. Chelsea is still trying to narrow down her major, so she may just focus on general ed the first year.

We are very excited for both of them as they continue their education!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kasey and the Pinewood Derby

The annual pinewood derby was last night! Kasey designed his as a football. You can see it in the top-right corner of the photo below. He won 3 of 5 matches!

Bro. Crowder was a great help in getting the track setup and Bro. Campbell, as always, did a great job as the emcee!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Matt Passes First of Two Certification Tests

Matt passed the first of two certification tests for his web development training. He is now preparing for the second test and should be completed in the next 5+ weeks.

Purdue Regional Robotics

Kevin left early Thursday morning to setup the robotics pit and robot for the Purdue Regional Robotics competition.

Since I passed the certification test on Thursday morning, I was able to return home. Kasey, Kody, Chelsea and left early Friday morning for Purdue to cheer on Kevin and the Penn robotics team. We had a GREAT time watching the various battles!

After Friday's preliminary qualification rounds, we walked Chelsea to the Purdue institute because she was attending the Priest/Laurel conference. This was perfect timing and location!

Kasey, Kody and I then headed to Indy for the night, so they could check out my pad while I'm attending school.

We got up early to head back to Purdue to watch the finals. Lori and Charly headed down from Granger to meet up with us. We had another great day watching the numerous battles with the robots. Penn's team made it to the semi-finals. They now prepare to attend the nationals in Atlanta in April. I believe the nationals are broadcast on ESPN.

Photos and competition information can be found at http://regional.purduefirst.org/.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Willy Wonka Performs - aka Kody

Kody takes the stage as Willy Wonka in Willy Wonka Junior presented by his 8th grade choir. He spent several weeks preparing for the presentation and spent many hours with a family friend, Stephen Drye, practicing the numerous songs that he would perform during production.

He did a GREAT job as Willy Wonka!

He had also performed in a Northern Indiana choir presentation at Goshen College the week before, where he also did a great job.

Chelsea's Art Receives Recognition

Several items of Chelsea's artwork that she has completed this year have been included in the Penn High School Fine Arts Festival and the Regional Scholastic Art Awards.

She has also volunteered at these events. You’ll notice that her chess piece artwork was included on the cover of the Fine Arts Festival program.