Monday, June 29, 2009

Photos From Kaj in Sweden

Below are a few photos of Sweden that Kaj has recently sent me.

Cindy, Kody & Kasey Enjoy the Beach

Cindy, Kody and Kasey went to the beach at Lake Michigan with the Crowder family a couple of weeks ago (June 12, 2009). They enjoyed every minute of it and so did I. I was at home while they were at the beach. I hate the sand and sun.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

kasey's trip to Idaho

quess what I did in Idaho?I got to drive a fourwheeler , and shoot a 22 riffle. and I also whent to the Allen family reunion at a water park. the water park was fun. I got to go down a huge slide.cindy was to scared the first two times.Then she went the last time around.And I went to Iggys with the Gwilliam family.I love idaho.

Scout Camp

This year was my third year at scout camp. I had a pretty good time. The only thing that was bad was, it would rain like crazy and then get scorching hot in the next half hour and be humid for the rest of the day. Then the mosquitos would eat me alive! During scout camp, I earned 4 merit badges. They were Metal work, Orienteering, geology, and oceanography. With these merit badges, I only need two more required to recieve the Rank of Ealge scout. My goal is to have my Ealge by next summer.

Utah / Idaha Family Vacation Photos

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Family Trip

Wednesday night around 7:oo pm, my mom, dad, Kasey and I left for Utah. After the tiring 24 hour trip we arrived at grandma Gwilliam's.

Our week was filled with fun. Friday night we went to dinner with my dad's family. It was alot of fun and the food was amazing. Saturday morning we went to my mom's family reunion, even though it was cold and rainy, Kasey and I still went to the water park. It was so much fun.

The most fun thing was going out to Idaho and visiting my mom's parents. When we arrived, Kasey and I went 4 wheeling and shot a 22 riffle. It was alot of fun. The trip was so much fun, even though the ride was extremly long =)