Saturday, September 5, 2009

Family Garden, Game and Festival

So many things have happened in the last few weeks. Our garden has bloomed. We actually have live pumpkins!

Kody had his first freshmen home game against Adams High School. They won 49-6! GO PENN!

The big that has happened it that today we went to the Blueberry Festival in Plymouth IN. It was a good thing that we went early because later on in the day it was PACKED! Kasey, Cindy and Kody got a wrist band that let them go on as many rides numerous times all day. They had a blast! Kasey even meet up with his friend Sam. What goof balls! I brought my friend Samantha. We saw so many booths that had B-E-A-UTIFULL crafts, paintings, wall hangings with great quotes on them. Samantha and I did find a great time out box. It reminded me of Shreks out house in the beginning of the first movie. It would be a great time out box. Anyone could be put in there and then it would be locked on the outside. The person would have some light coming through because of the moon shape cut out in the door. Kasey and Cindy fit in there no problem but Kody......when he would sit down the door wouldn't close. He had to sit diagonally in order for the door to shut.

The best part was when Samantha and I were getting ready to leave and we stopped and got a Deep Fried Candy Bar. I know some may think that it would not taste so good. Well all of you should try it before you make your opinion. You could choose from a Snicker, 3 Musketeer or a Milky Way to be deep fried. Samantha got a Snickers and I did originally asked for a Milky Way but then they decide that I should try a Snickers. It wasn't bad at all! I think that power sugar should not be put on top. Also if it just came out of the fryer.....the candy bar should be cooled down before one eats its.
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